The Engine

The Great DANE Engine is the central component of Great DANE, encompassing DANE SMIMEA, DNS, DNSSEC, and S/MIME, and providing a simple REST API for effortless integration with any mail client.

Great DANE for Thunderbird

The Great DANE Thunderbird extension integrates the Great DANE Engine with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Great DANE for Horde Webmail

Great DANE for Horde Webmail consists of a plugin for Horde IMP, a popular, open-source, web-based mail client.

The plugin retrieves and installs public S/MIME certificates from the Great DANE Engine for each recipient of outgoing emails.

The Connector

The Great DANE Connector gives organizations the ability to automatically publish DANE SMIMEA records for user email addresses. It also serves as a standalone tool for SMIMEA record generation.