Great DANE Suite of Products

Ways to Work with Great DANE

Improve the Security and Privacy of Email Software

The Engine is an open source powerhouse that enables certificate retrieval from the DNS. If you are a developer of email software:

  • Download the Great DANE Engine and modify and incorporate it in your software
  • Use Great DANE’s existing Great DANE Engine via its API

Keep Your Organizations’ Email Private

The Connector allows you to automate the publishing process across your enterprise for each new user. Already have S/MIME certificates? Publish them! Don’t already have them? Start learning about them and consider adopting.

Keep Your Personal Email Private

The Plug-Ins allow any email user the ability to keep their personal email private. So far we’ve integrated it with Horde Webmail and with Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Learn more about the plug-ins and how to start experimenting with DANE SMIMEA.

Get Involved

Not ready to download? Learn the other ways you can get involved.

Publish Your Record

In order to use DANE SMIMEA you need to have a record published for your email address domain

  • If you’re already using secure email, that means you may already have an S/MIME certificate. If you don’t, it’s easy to get one. We like as a resource for creating your own free certificate.
  • Generate a DANE SMIMEA record using your certificate.
  • If you own your domain and have access to your DNS, login and add your SMIMEA record.
  • You’re published!

Be An Advocate and Ask “Why?”

Help spread the word about the new standard

  • If you use one of the commercial email platforms like or, your record is not published and you don’t have access to the DNS to publish it yourself. Storing email certificates in the DNS enables discovery and that’s what we’re advocating for. These commercial email platforms own your information and are not currently set up to allow easy access to certificate retrieval. So let’s start asking them the hard question — why not? You too could have an easy path to secure email with anyone at anytime.
  • If you work at an organization that owns it’s own domain, meaning your email address ends with or some such construct, but don’t have access to your DNS to publish your record, talk to your IT team or head of security and let them know that you heard about the changes coming to email security with the DANE SMIMEA standard. Find out if they’re in the know!

Ready to secure your email?

Download the Great DANE suite of software to get started and become a member of the DANE community.