The Plug-Ins

To make the Engine accessible, so far we’ve integrated it with Horde Webmail and with Mozilla’s Thunderbird to kickstart experimentation.

  • Thunderbird Features

    • Open-source
    • Easy to install
    • Set-and-forget
    • Automatically encrypt emails
  • Horde Webmail Features

    • Open-source
    • Requires Horde 5.2 server
    • Transparent to the user
    • Automatically encrypt emails

Get Started with the Plug-Ins

Add the Great DANE plug-in to your email platform and start emailing securely.

If we haven’t developed the plug-in for your platform yet, let us know what you’re using. Our community of developers can work together to adapt the plug-ins for any email platform out there.

Run a Test

Use the Great DANE Toolset, a resource for a seasoned developer or system admin, to run a real-time test of your Great DANE integration on any platform.