Email isn’t secure or private.

Together, we can fix that by automating the encryption process with Great DANE.

Three Ways to Start Using Great DANE.

Let’s disrupt the status quo of email insecurity.

Get involved and be a part of the change.

Download + Integrate

Download and integrate the Great DANE software to the platform of your choice to secure your email.

Develop + Evolve

Analyze and enhance the Great DANE software. Build the extensions that we haven’t built yet.

Publish + Advance

Publish DANE SMIMEA records. Help us grow the community that’s changing the face of email security.


First email system developed

270 Billion

Emails sent by Americans every day in 2017


Security mechanisms in standard email

Great DANE Suite of Software

The Engine

This open source powerhouse automates the authentication process using certificate retrieval from the DNS.

A stand-alone web server that provides an HTTP REST API that all other Great DANE components in our collection utilize.

Integrate it, improve it, enhance it.

More About the Engine

The Plug-Ins

To make the Engine accessible, so far we’ve integrated it with Horde Webmail and with Mozilla’s Thunderbird to kickstart your experimentation. Soon we’ll bring you Microsoft Exchange, but don’t wait for us. Join us and develop for your platform of choice or encourage your email provider to develop support for DANE SMIMEA.

More About the Plug-Ins

The Connector

If you manage your own domain, you’re probably wondering about scalability. The Connector enables the kind of scalability you need, automating the publishing process across your enterprise for each new user.

More About the Connector

The Tools

A resource for a seasoned developer or system admin that allows real-time testing of your Great DANE integration on any platform.

More About the Tools

We think anyone should be able to achieve secure email

with anyone else, from anywhere

So we developed the software to make that happen

Resources + FAQs

What is Great DANE?

DANE stands for DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities. Great DANE is the first open source implementation of the DANE SMIMEA standard, which automatically secures email without user interaction using publicly available keys in the DNS. Read more about DANE on Wikipedia or from the IETF.

Why Great DANE?

Email encryption has been available since the 90’s, but it’s not easy so no one uses it. It’s manual and cumbersome. The Great DANE software automates the process. 

Who is involved?

Our team and the software we’ve developed is a small part of a bigger initiative in motion. This concept is the brainchild of an IETF working group with an idea for a universal database of keys that would make encryption easier. The IETF’s mission was clear — make that idea into the standard that we so desperately needed to secure email. They engaged teams like ours, NIST, Secure 64 to be a part of this bleeding edge technology discovery and figure out how to make it a reality from a technology standpoint.

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This initiative is gaining speed and our library of guiding documentation, helpful technical resources, and industry articles can help shed light on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

DANE Community

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

An open community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers producing high quality, relevant technical documents to influence the way people design, use, and manage the Internet.

Learn More About IETF

National Institute of Standards Technology Centers of Excellence

An interdisciplinary environment enabling partnerships with experts in critical technical areas to advance NIST’s mission to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness through the development of adoption of standards.

Learn More About The Centers of Excellence

Speaking your language?

Come be a part of the change and join the conversation on GitHub.

Think your email is secure?

Send an email to to test whether you have full DANE SMIMEA support.