The Connector

If you manage your own domain, you’re probably wondering about scalability. The Connector enables the kind of scalability you need, automating the publishing process across your enterprise for each new user.

  • Features

    • Open-source
    • Portable
    • Generate SMIMEA records
    • Auto-publish SMIMEA records to DNS
    • Integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory

Already have an S/MIME certificate?

Publish an SMIMEA records!

Don’t have an S/MIME certificate?

Consider adopting it!

Learn more about the certificates, how to get started using them, and how Great DANE can assist you with implementation. Read more about S/MIME certificates and how to publish here and here.

Get Started with the Connector

Integrate the connector into your enterprise environment.

Put the Connector to use for you and tell us how it has changed your approach to email security for your enterprise.

Run a Test

Use the Great DANE Toolset, a resource for a seasoned developer or system admin, to run a real-time test of your Great DANE integration on any platform.